How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy, Lesson 1

It’s simple: Read these lessons. Learn how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Build a stronger brand.

This is an extremely thorough and thought-provoking course for the business manager or beginner entrepreneur looking to develop an effective marketing strategy, yet who may not have the budget for contracting a full-time marketing strategist at this time.

This is the first lesson, delivered in textual format, from an otherwise ~$4,000 video course.

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  • Type: Digital E-book
  • Length: ~5,800 words + Workbook


Learn How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy From Mike Norton

It’s simple: Read these lessons. Learn how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Build a stronger brand. 

Meanwhile, if you buy this lesson, you’ll also get the following benefits:

  • The actual marketing strategy template/workbook we use for our own clients
  • Lifetime discounted marketing services for your business
  • Lifetime feedback-based improvements to newer versions of UMM over time
  • Lifetime access to our private community (in which you can discuss how UMM applies to your respective business, personally)

Learn how to make an effective marketing strategy for a price almost anyone can afford.

Mike Norton has been an award-winning, Top-Rated Plus, international-level marketing strategist with an annual average of a 95% business success rate (as graded by the third-party: Upwork.com) for seven consecutive years and counting.

He’s also been featured on entrepreneurial websites like Startup.info, with multiple nominations for entrepreneurial awards you can find on the About page of this site.

This course contains his thought process pertaining to entrepreneurship and marketing, his own uniquely developed theory that you won’t find elsewhere by simply Googling.


What is Universal Marketing Mechanics (UMM)? What is this lesson, and what does it cover?

This is lesson 1 of Mike Norton’s strategic theory: Universal Marketing Mechanics (UMM).

UMM is the thought-process Mike has used to drive sales for a multitude of businesses in varying industries.

Lesson 1 covers the first principles at the foundation of any modern marketing strategy, and is probably the most important thing out of the entire course.

Fully understand this first lesson and, depending on your level of aptitude and willingness to experiment, you may not even need the other lessons.

In lesson 1, Mike starts by criticizing the traditional four pillars of marketing you may learn about through Googling for free. Then, he constructively suggests his own results-driven, time-tested, award-winning method that’s more practical, detailed, and fit for the times, with the fully-explained logic for why.

He also provides you with his own actual marketing strategy template he uses for Upwork clients.


Who is UMM for?

  • Entrepreneurial beginners
  • Marketers who may even have certifications, but are looking for a different and more experiential perspective
  • Ambitious small business owners who aren’t large enough yet to hire a full-time strategist 

UMM is a thought-process of deductive reasoning, inspired by the work of historical figures like Aristotle, Carl Jung, and Sun Tzu, that you can use to break through your marketing barriers and achieve your revenue goals.


Why is UMM being released lesson by lesson instead of the entire thing at once?

Originally, UMM was a ~$4,000 course.

However, there are already plenty of marketing courses out there that, while they may teach different things, will vary in their value to the individual based on what they already know.

For instance, you may pay $7,000 for some random digital sales course with, say, ten lessons in it.

However, from your own prior experience, you may already know six of them.

This means you’d have paid $7,000 to benefit from only four actual lessons that you didn’t know.

That’s neither efficient nor fair to you.

You may only need lessons 1, 4 and 7, while someone else may only need 1, 3, and 6…while someone else may need the whole course.

Releasing UMM lesson by lesson allows you to pick and choose from the titles and descriptions of each lesson which ones you’d rather read versus which ones you’d rather skip.

This is fairer, giving you more freedom with less obligation, risk, and loss.


If the lessons teach universal methods, how can I apply them to my business?

Once you buy this lesson, there is a link within it leading you to our private group. In this group, you can ask as many questions as you want about how to apply UMM specifically to you and your business, while receiving lifetime group support.


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