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BuiltByMe Content Management and SEO Case Study


BuiltByMe is a STEM learning center based in East Brunswick, New Jersey. It offers STEM classes to children and teenagers in robotics, product design, web and game development, movie making, podcasting, as well as STEM camps and various tutoring sessions.

Initially, BuiltByMe offered in-person classes to local residents in the area. However, due to COVID-19, they have expanded the scope of their services and now offer online classes, events, and programs to users across the entire country.



To increase brand awareness and credibility as well as boost organic traffic to the brand’s website.



  • BuiltByMe is a small business that is known in a small local community but not nationwide.
  • Highly saturated market with many well-established competitors who heavily invest in paid advertising.
  • Limited paid advertising budget requiring to focus on organic reach and traffic.



  • Google rank under 1,000,000 globally. With regularly published content we were able to increase the Google rank by 6 million in 90 days as well as organic traffic and engagement. Currently, the site ranks under 1,000,000 in the world.

  • Google first page results for various industry-relevant keywords. Over 75% of Internet users never explore the search results beyond the first page of Google. Therefore, showing up for the keywords that are relevant to the industry can increase the chances of gaining relevant traffic and backlinks.

  • Featured snippets of blog articles for relevant search quieries. Google’s featured snipped feature allows one of the top 10 ranking sources to display as a brief answer to a search query above the other organic search results. This feature can potentially drive more clicks and traffic.

    • Organically received backlinks from relevant publications. To establish authority on Google, SEO-optimized content is not enough. Backlinks from relevant high-ranking publications serve as “endorsements” to the brand and pass authority to the site that they link to.



SEO-optimized blog content that would drive organic traffic.



  • Developing a content calendar based on research on industry-relevant topics and keywords.
  • Weekly publishing thoroughly researched and SEO-optimized blog articles.
  • Publishing a series of articles on relevant topics rather than singular articles.
  • Internally linking relevant blog posts and service pages to boost crawl rate and authority or relevant pages.



It’s common for brands to neglect their own website as they acquire a steady client base. However, there are numerous benefits to having an active and well-developed blog. It can help reach a wider audience, establish brand authority, and even boost sales.

The COVID-19 pandemic also proved the importance of having an active online presence as a means of attracting customers online. That is especially true for small businesses depending on local clientele.

However, having a blog and having a quality blog aren’t one and the same. It’s crucial to provide quality content that effectively answers reader queries.

For a small business owner, this can not only be time-consuming but also require learning many essential skills. Since time is money, outsourcing content management to a skilled professional can help you focus your efforts on where your business needs them most.


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