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Pretend that you’re not an entrepreneur. Think in the context of you being a regular person with a nondescript job.

How would you build a deep, meaningful relationship with someone you know? It could be romantic or platonic. Which one is not the point.

First, let’s define what a relationship is. Oxford English Dictionary has several definitions. The one that jumps out at me is this:

“The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected”

There is neither a positive nor negative connotation to the definition. Social relationships exist on a spectrum of negative and positive experiences over time.

What Do Relationships Require?

There are several variables to consider when building a relationship with another human:

  1. The [q]uality of each experience, its emotional potency
  2. The [s]um quantity of experiences
  3. The total [t]ime spent in the relationship
  4. The reason “[w]hy” that binds the relationship together

Here is an algebraic formula that I’ve written that I use to explain what human relationships are, in my mind:

human relationships ≈ t(qs)^w

The product of the potency and quantity of experiences in one sequence of time to the power of why.

Expressing it this way is important for your marketing strategy. You can use this formula to plan the customer’s experience at every touchpoint of your brand.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

An example could be a social media platform. Let’s take YouTube, for example.

If you maximize the quality and value of each video, you’ll create a positive experience. The more of those videos you create at equal or higher value, the more time they spend with your brand.

That time spent with your brand, to the power of why they’d need you, approximately equates to the value of your relationship.

The higher the ending output, the more likely you are to make a sale.
This is why content is so important.

Quality Content Is Crucial to Increase Customer Loyalty

Content is all that drives the relationship between you and your customer. In my own words, “content marketing” is the manner of stimulating a customer’s senses to build a brand.

So, the equation basically means to have as much high value content as you can on any given platform.

Putting it this way helps you to troubleshoot weaknesses in your content marketing. For instance, you may have many YouTube videos for your brand; that’s a high value for “s,” in the equation. A lot of 30-minute videos equate to hours potentially spent with your brand. However, if those videos are of low quality or value to the consumer, that makes for a low value for “q.”

This results in a low output for the equation, which means a bad customer relationship. And customers who have a low-quality relationship with your brand will not buy from you.

This equation helps you to find problems in your content marketing, in a very precise way.

In Conclusion

The reason why you’d want to use math help you is because, as an entrepreneur, your emotions can blind you. You may think you have the hottest idea in the world, but you can’t figure out why your not making sales.

A mathematical equation doesn’t care about your emotions. So long as you input an honest value for each variable, the equation will tell you the truth.

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