STOP Trying to Rank on the First Page of Google! Here’s Why…


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Do you have any idea how many people want to go for Google first page ranking?


There are hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet. Everybody wishes they ranked as #1 or on the first page of the SERPs.

SERP is an acronym for “search engine results page.”

Understand how difficult that is to attain, though, for most people.

Let’s say you’ve got 40,000 different websites all competing for the same keyword. That means only about 10 of them are going to ever actually achieve it.

Beware of the SEO Guru Scams and False Google First Page Ranking Promises

Yet, if you go to Upwork.com right now, you’ll find thousands of “gurus” all promising first page results. There are countless SEO agencies all promising the sky to their clients.

News flash: It’s not happening.

Some of them are even audacious enough to claim that they’ve “cracked the Google code.” I used to be friends with a marketer like that. Needless to say, I was a little too honest for that friendship to last for long.

You Can’t “Crack” the Google Code

We know that we can’t “crack the code.” It’s because not even the staff at Google has cracked the code. Certain staff members know certain aspects of the algorithms. Other staff members know others.

If someone really cracked the code, they wouldn’t be in the SEO business. They’d push some other product, get to #1, and be billionaires.

So, the entire SEO industry bases itself on simply knowing a bit more than its customers. But, no one knows everything about how Google ranks its pages. There are limits to knowledge bestowed in even the most official of certifications.

It’s part of Google’s safety protocol.

Here’s what we know for certain:

  1. Develop the best content you can with a competitive approach to doing so
  2. Promote that content to get links from credible websites in non-spammy ways.

That’s it. That’s all. Google doesn’t want you to know the rest. You’re not supposed to know the rest.

Meanwhile, the people who are trying to cheat the system may win tiny gains in the short term. But, they lose in the long-term.

Don’t focus on better tactics; focus on creating better content.

Now, of course, these two points break down into intricate complexities. But, that’s the gist of what SEO is, if spoken about in a frank and honest manner.

It might be realistic for more people to strive for ranking on the first page for local SEO. But, I’m mainly referring to the open Internet.

On the open Internet, with enough trial and error, you’ll realize that it’s wiser not to go for rank. Ranking is a distraction. Ranking is ego.

Go for Targeted Traffic, Not the Highest Rank

Instead, go for targeted traffic. Understand the difference.

I could launch a software service for entrepreneurs. I may only get one link in Entrepreneur magazine.

Will that one link be enough to rank me on the first page of Google for my keyword? It might be, depending on the context, but, more likely not.

However, let’s observe where that one link is in this example: Entrepreneur magazine. I have developed software for entrepreneurs and got it in Entrepreneur magazine.

That’s not enough to achieve Google first page ranking. But, it is enough to bring targeted traffic to my website. And that targeted traffic will spend money with me.

Would I have the highest ranking? No. But, I would have a well-placed link in a strategic place of the Internet. And that link would connect me directly to my target audience.

And that is enough to make a livable income online.

It’s like drilling for oil. You don’t need the biggest rig in the ocean; you just need a rig big enough to tap into your specific well.

Ranking for rank’s sake is like trophy hunting.

Don’t hunt the biggest deer in the forest just so you can say you did it. Forget the biggest deer entirely. Hunt a specific deer in herd for the sake of feeding your family, while leaving the biggest deer to improve the herd.

Don’t try to gain the highest ranking just to say you did it. Forget the highest ranking entirely. Place a specific link on a specific website to bring targeted traffic to your site. Then, that targeted traffic will spend money, which will help you feed your family.

You see?

Google First Page Ranking Requires Lots of Time, Effort, and Resources

Now, where that’s not an exact equivalence is in that if you do rank #1 for your keyword, yes, you will bring in lots of money. But, understand how much of your resources you’re going to need to get there. Unless you’ve got big time venture capital to fund a round-the-clock team for content production, don’t do it.

Go for the very strategic links first. Generate some income. Then, reinvest that income into building your content team to take the first ranking over time.

This means that there are websites you can scan with different tools. You may find that they’re ranking in the single millions. However, that does not mean they’re making money.

The website with a #20million ranking may be making far more money than the website with a #2million ranking if the #20million is actually linking to their target audience.

You don’t need to rank on the first page of the SERPs to generate revenue with SEO optimization. You only need to cut out your own slice of the Internet, your own means of growing a brand following.

Then, sell your product or service underneath the roof, the umbrella, the coverage of your brand.

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