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With over 2 billion people using the platform per month (which is almost a third of the world’s population!), Facebook is by far the largest social media platform that allows businesses to potentially reach millions of people. 

It’s a common belief that using Facebook for small business marketing is impossible to compete on Facebook without a substantial budget, but that not necessarily true. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 6 effective and simple Facebook marketing tips to up your Facebook marketing game, even with a limited budget.

How to Use Facebook for Small Business Marketing

1. Post with Purpose

Publishing a post is more than just filling the void. So, businesses should be mindful of how they communicate with their audience. 

Before posting, fish of all, determine who your ideal target audience is. Then, consider the ‘what’ and the ‘why,’ as well as the action that you want users to take through their posts. The CTA should be punchy, short, and to the point. Remember, users want to digest information as quickly as possible. 

It’s recommended that you use the in-built Facebook Insights tool to help you determine a good posting schedule and content mix. Facebook Insights will also tell you when your audience engages with you the most by the day and the hour so that you post content when your followers are most active. As a result, you’ll avoid posts being buried in a crowded newsfeed. 

Additionally, don’t hesitate to check competitor pages to see what types of content is attracting the most attention.

2. Optimize Your Facebook Page and Group

A growing number of people are turning to Facebook to find local businesses and to look for reviews, recommendations, address information, and phone number details. To give users a smooth experience, your tabs must be well organized and structured so that your audience can find the desired information quickly.

Another great feature to add on your page is the ‘Check-in’ button. People trust their friends, so by allowing users to check-in to your business, you’re increasing your business’s visibility and attracting new customers. 

You should also invest your time in the look and feel of your Facebook page. Your cover image plays a vital role as it creates the first impression and reflects your brand’s personality. In fact, instead of using a static image, why not create a cover video instead? That’s can be far more eye-catching and attractive.

In addition to a Facebook page for your small business, consider building community using a private group. You can share exclusive content, offer tips or promotions, host challenges, and much more. This will help you to build trust and closer relationship with your audience, eventually turning them into paying customers.

3. Use Stories, Videos, and Do Lives

Videos get better engagement than text and images. If you’re not into producing videos, take advantage of Facebook live and stories. They are casual ways of engaging with your audience, and the cost is nothing but a little time before the camera. 

To give a few examples, through these video features, you could: 

  • create a behind the scene adventures, 
  • broadcast a Q&A session, 
  • share user-generated content, or 
  • plan a how-to video with insightful advice. 

Just remember to keep them short and enjoyable so you can maximize engagement. The benefit behind this tip is that you are humanizing your brand through interaction and encouraging discussions. 

4. Use Facebook for Customer Service

Providing the best customer service can help your business stand out among your competitors. People are likely to choose a brand that they know will respond. So, make the extra effort to respond to alerts and notifications to show your clients that you value their time and establish a relationship of trust. 

If the number of queries goes beyond your capacity, consider creating automated responses via Facebook Messenger Chatbot to help speed the process for you. 

5. Use Facebook Custom Audience to Re-target

Facebook allows businesses to send ads to your target audience based on age, location, interests, and other demographic details. A highly targeted ad will increase the likelihood of success in the long-term. 

Apart from demographics, you can also create custom audiences for your ads based on, for instance, how long users have watched your videos for. This way, you’re targeting those who are interested in your product already. So, your ad is going to be much more effective and relevant. 

Additionally, you could also use Facebook’s product catalog that allows you to implement dynamic re-targeted using existing catalog details from other platforms such as Google. 

6. Measure Success 

Optimizing the Facebook page for your small business, posting content, and using paid ads are only part of the strategy. Another crucial part to ensure progress and success is monitoring your metrics to know what type of content is succeeding and how as well as who your most engaged audience is. 

You’ll be able to measure the number of likes, views, clicks, shares, and comments. Based on this data, you will be able to adjust your strategy to maximize actions that bring you new customers and improves engagement. 


Many of the tips stated above can be easily implemented. The key to success is to diversify the strategy of Facebook marketing for your small business. Therefore, focus on a combination of paid ads, organic reach, optimization, and engagement.

Produce content that actually matters, and with consistent effort, it won’t be long until customers choose your small business over competitors. 

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