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LinkedIn is not only for job seekers and professionals. With over 690 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms to market and grow your business.

From creating brand awareness to making connections and generating leads, LinkedIn combines social media techniques in a professional format. As a result, it is an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy. 

Check out below the top 5 essential LinkedIn strategies you can implement to boost your company’s sales.

LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Marketing

1. Make Your Company Page Matter

Your LinkedIn company page is essentially the face of your business. Not only is it the first impression, but it also demonstrates your brand’s credibility and highlights your achievements. There are a few elements that you would need to pay close attention to. Let’s look at them:

  • Images and Banners: Did you know that businesses with a high-quality profile picture and banner get up to six times more organic visitors than those without? So, before anything else, make sure that your LinkedIn images and banners are up to date. 
  • ‘About Us’ Section: While images initially attract users, friendly and engaging words keep users interested. This section has a character limit of 2000 words. Therefore, opt for simple and easy language. Let people know who you are, what you do, and why you are different from the competitors. Many businesses are at a disadvantage when they forget to fill out key fields such as their address and locations. So, make sure you’re not one of them. 
  • Add Relevant Keywords: Use tools such as Google keyword planner to understand what your audience is typing when looking for products or services in your industry. Next, add these keywords to your LinkedIn page and posts to help attract the relevant people.
  • Collect and Offer Endorsements: The exchange of endorsement between peers is a powerful way to provide social proof that your business is trustworthy and credible.  

2. Post Content Often

To keep your audience engaged, it’s essential to post informative content regularly. Ideally, you should come up with content ideas that answer questions or solve problems your visitors may have. 

By doing this, you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader in your respective industry. So, visitors will start referring to your brand when they need guidance. 

Alternatively, if you find yourself running out of ideas for new content, don’t hesitate to recycle top performing posts from the past. Of course, don’t overdo it, but you could update past content and add value wherever relevant. Your existing audience will most likely respond even better this time around.

Don’t hesitate to follow your competitors to gain insight into their strategy and gain inspiration for your own.

Our top tip: Figures show that posts accompanied by images and videos receive more engagement and comments. So, don’t forget about that. 

3. Use LinkedIn Ads Effectively

Thanks to keywords and data listed on profiles, the platform has exceptional targeting abilities that you must use to your advantage. Below are some of the features:

  • Sponsored Content: This is a great way to accumulate new leads. Use targeted features such as job titles and skills to promote your content to the specific audience you intend to reach within seconds. 
  • Text Ads: These are pay-per-click ads that appear on the group, homepage, and profile pages
  • Sponsored InMail: Personalized messages can be delivered to the member’s inbox when they are active on the platform, increasing their chances of seeing your ads. 

In all the cases above, don’t forget to include a strong call to action to push users to take the next step. And don’t worry, you can create successful ad campaigns even with small budgets. 

Keep in mind though that LinkedIn paid advertising is quite expensive in comparison to, for instance, Facebook marketing. The targeting options, however, offer a lot more options for business professionals. This can be especially useful for businesses that offer B2B services.

4. Be Active in LinkedIn Groups 

Boost your network by being an active participant and listener in groups on LinkedIn. You could simultaneously work on the ‘Members’ page to find prospects and then send them personalized invitations to join your group. 

Like this, you’ll have all your best prospects in one place, and it’s your golden opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and value for them. You’ll have full control over who joins this group so that no competitors get in and distract your audience. 

5. Make Use of Sales Navigator

Instead of manually spending hours tracking prospect activities on the platform, ‘Sales Navigator’ is a membership option within LinkedIn that simplifies the process of contacting, finding, and staying up to date with prospects, customers, and referrals.

You’ll discover valuable insights such as real-time information that will help you move leads through your online sales funnel. 

Sales Navigator is a paid tool, and depending on your needs and the size of your organization, there are ‘Individual,’ ‘Team,’ and ‘Enterprise’ subscriptions available. The good news is that new users can sign up for a free 30-day trial to decide whether the tool meets their business goals.  In most cases, it does!

Are You Ready to Start Implementing LinkedIn Marketing Strategies? 

We understand that running a small business can be challenging, but you absolutely can achieve your business goals with the right tools and plans in place. 

Try the LinkedIn marketing strategies stated in this blog, and we’re sure they can help your company grow.

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